Hi… my name is Mae Sendaba

Well hello fellow classmates !!! Nice to meet all of you!!! My name is Mae Sendaba. I’m a newbie to Jacksonville, AL. I moved here from Chicago,IL. I have an Applied Associate degree in Human Service with a minor in counseling. I’m currently majoring in Social Work, with a minor in Psychology. I love helping people and this is why I choose to become a Soical Worker. Oh, did I mention, that I’m a Christian who has a good sense of humor. I love to make people laugh…
You know what? strange as it may seem, I do miss the snow in Chicago, since I have moved here last Nov, I hadn’t seen any snow on the ground. I was so disappointed!!! I seen a few snowflakes, but that was it.
Did I also mention that I’m older than dirty??? LOL–just kinding… However, I ‘m older than most of you sitting here in this classroom. This is my second semester at JSU and I’m seeing more and more people my age returning back to college for one reason or another and I really do enjoy sitting among my younger peers. I’m learning alot from you younger students. Last week I finally found out about Skype !!!

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