Is it wrong for female teachers to become involved with younger male students?


A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE was written by Tennessee Williams. I have watched this play several times throughout the years. I loved the character Blanche Dubois, a former English teacher from Laurel, Mississippi, whom seemingly likes younger men to the point that she had an affair with one of her male student and was fired from her job. In one scene of the play, a young man stops by the Kowaskis’s to collect money for the newspapers that they receive. However, Blanche informs him that she doesn’t have any money to give him as she closes her coin purse. Then she suddenly asks the young man a question while hitting on him and proceeds to give him a kiss. After the kiss the young man departs the apartment. At this point of the movie, I was wondering, why did Blanch like younger men? In Blanche’s case, I think she likes younger men because she wanted to remain young, for long as possible. Perhaps her deceased husband was a young man also—the play never revealed her husband’s age.

In today’s world the question that comes to my mind is it wrong for female teachers to become involved with younger male students? I thought about it more, and in today’s society Blanche is not the only teacher that likes younger men and has become involved with male students. Over recent years, female school teachers have come under fire for getting involved with their younger male students. There are laws that say it is wrong, mainly when these young men are under the age of eighteen. One such memorable case is that of former school teacher Mary Kay Letourneau who had an affair with her 13 year old student Vili Fualaau. I have enclosed a website that talks about her ordeal of having become involved with this male student.

After Mary Kay was release from prison, she had a child by Vili Fualaau and then later on they got married.

As I was doing my research for my blog, I had discovered that there are 50 former female teachers that have been involved in sex scandals with their former male students.

One has to wonder what could have driven these older women to become involved with a these younger male students. As I read many of the teacher stories, it became obvious that some of them had come from a broken homes, as a child, while others were in a bad marriages and some said that they prefer younger men than older men. Why would these women risk everything that they have and wind up in prison with a charge of child rape? Why would they risk being labeled a child molester and placed on a sex offender list for the rest of their lives? While others have been sentenced to years on probation, lose their job, family, home, income and their dignity. This is exactly what happened to Blanche Dubois; however, the laws were different back then as opposed to today’s law. In my research I also found video clips that alluded to these facts about female teachers.


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